If you talk to different households and ask them what they think is the most important piece of furniture or appliance in their house, many will probably tell you that their refrigerator is the most essential. Why? The refrigerator only stored our food and drinks, that’s why. Perhaps the refrigerator is one of the first things a couple buys for their new home.

During the time of their parents, they only had refrigerators that serve their purpose: to preserve food by giving off cool temperature. And they served the purpose well! However, at this point in time, where everything seems to be always improving, the refrigerator has also evolved. Now we have a very wide range of refrigerator models to choose from, each boasting of a certain feature that is perfect for our needs.

While we cannot contest the importance of these innovations applied to the very important refrigerator, sometimes we may have gotten enough of it. We pay a high price for a certain refrigerator and then suddenly, it’s not so nice anymore because a new model has just come out in the market, with cooler features and also a sky rocketing price. Won’t this ever stop?

Surely some people would agree with me if I say that some of these innovations and cool features are in reality, useless. They may be good to look at but the common household has no use for it actually. All they were good at is emptying our pockets. Anyway, the following is a list of some refrigerator features you would rather not spend money on.


More and more models of refrigerator today has some unique and innovative features they can call their own but somehow I just don’t get why they have to manufacture refrigerator units with Wi-Fi. Samsung gets the credit for this amazing technology, when they integrated a side by side refrigerator with a 10-inch screen on the right door.

Samsung says that you can play your favorite TV clips while you are working on the kitchen, which actually means while you are scouring through the entire fridge, looking for something decent to eat. It is also said that the owner (or any person) can use the said screen to take some notes, know the current weather condition and can double as an event scheduler.

But wait, there’s more. With this extraordinary feature, you can also see more than five hundred varieties of food with their corresponding nutritional values. Amazing, isn’t it? You can also use the Internet and see the latest breaking news. Finally, you can also use the 10-inch screen as a digital picture frame that works either with a memory card or through a wireless network.

The Wi-Fi feature may sound cool and tempting but unless you are the kind of person who spends all day in front of the refrigerator, trust me, you won’t be able to use this. At first, the activities you can do can be enjoying. You can check your mail, can see your Facebook updates, but surely you’ll get tired anyway. Chances are, after a while, this Wi-Fi enhanced refrigerator with the 10-inch screen will end up looking like a normal refrigerator, with a moving photo frame.

Built-in coffee maker

There is more chance that you have a refrigerator than you have a coffee maker, right? So if you already have a decent working refrigerator, then just buy a coffee maker. Please do your self a favor and do not buy a new fridge with a built-in coffee maker. I just don’t understand it. Are people nowadays really that lazy to stand up and make a cup of coffee for their selves?

This feature may sound really cool and convenient to the modern coffee-slugging man but in my opinion, it does nothing but increase your energy consumption. Even water and ice dispensers are not that useful; how much more a coffee dispenser?

iPod dock and speakers

And finally, the best feature of all, the one that can cater to all iPod-trotting human beings alive. Surely, none could beat the importance of having to hear music from your iPod all the time, right? This is so important that manufacturers of refrigerators have also added iPod docks and speakers to their units for the better convenience of everybody.

Gorenje is the company to be credited with the brilliant idea. They said that their refrigerator unit has Wi-Fi (sounds familiar?) interface for touch control. With the iPod, it is now possible to use the internet for searching, browsing and downloading. The user can also play music, watch movies and TV shows and more, all this at the convenience of standing in front of your refrigerator. Why you need to have this kind of refrigerator, I really don’t know.

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