Our yards need water to flourish and grow, but water can also provide the finishing touch that your landscape needs. Water features can play dramatic or tranquil roles in your landscape. And the best thing is that water features will work in most any yard. With the dry and extreme heat we have been experiencing this summer, a water feature would be most welcomed by many homeowners.

Whether you live in a small suburban home or on several acres, you can add a tranquil water feature to your garden landscape. Water features can be as simple as a small modern-style rectangular pool or a large, elaborate pond with a waterfall. Depending upon your property and budget, there’s plenty of elements to choose among to create a tranquil water garden. A simple brick or stacked-stone water fountain will provide the peaceful movement and sound of water that will add interest to your landscape. For a more elaborate water feature, choose a landscaped pool that creates a stunning natural yet dramatic statement. A cascading waterfall adds movement and sound as well as aerates the pond for healthy fish and plant life. Lush water lilies add landing pads for frogs and other wildlife while providing bright pink focal points.

With your new water feature established, you will still need to keep your lawn in bloom during the high heat of summer. Watering is often restricted during this time and can be fairly expensive. A great way to save money on watering and be eco-friendly is to practice water harvesting. Water harvesting, the collection of rainwater from roofs, gutters and hardscapes for use at a later time, is a hassle-free and highly effective way to quench your yard’s or garden’s thirst. It can produce a profound impact; collecting the first quarter inch of rain from a 1000 square foot roof can produce as much as 150 gallons. Options include above ground rain barrels or cisterns, below ground cisterns, or collection through infiltration, where water is guided by grading to collect in a reservoir or pond. If you are just getting started, try a rain barrel, which is a quick and easy way to collect water for use later.

Put water to good use in your yard for the health of your plants and flowers, as well as for your own enjoyment and relaxation. Water and water features will provide natural beauty and peace to your surroundings.

Gary Warren is the owner of Greensketch Concepts, a landscape design company in the Indianapolis area. Greensketch Concepts provides its clients with an innovative approach in providing professional, measurable landscape designs. Through pairing a custom-tailored design with other vital informational tools, we equip our clients with the skills & knowledge to produce the look of professional landscaping all by themselves. Basically, we take the guesswork out of landscaping and provide a roadmap for success in your own back yard!

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