The latest designs are simply amazing, and the beauty is only matched by the efficiency. Gone are the rows of square desks that waist space and make people feel isolated even in the same room. The latest office refurbishment London designs feature exciting colors curves and communal spaces. These new, space saving office refurbishment designs make the spaces so much more open and inviting.

The new office fit out style is curved, circular and communal. New office designs include huge round or oval tables shared by three four or even six workers. Each work area is separated from the other work stations with short tinted glass patricians. The colors are bright but used sparingly with a lot of black and white. All the wood finishes are light wood. Even executive offices feature free form curves, and pale wood tops.

Some of the latest office refurbishment features tables shaped like clovers. Each of the three ultra modern chairs is placed in an indented area in the huge round workspace, and on either side is work space. The round workspace works well with monitors in the center of the work circle, then keyboard, and space for writing or on either side. These tables sit in the center of the floor, freeing up all the wall space for expansive built in cabinets and shelves.

The latest styles are colorful, and seek to connect isolated workers, save space and make for a more pleasant work environment. Their design maximizes space, utilizes wall space for storage, and keeps workers engaged in their tasks in an interactive environment. This increases productivity, and energy.

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