Avoid Half-Brained Marketing

Half-brained marketing is obviously not a good thing. Yet, over-emphasis on left-brain or right-brain thinking, skills, or endeavors actually does plague many marketing departments. Right-brain marketing prevails in companies that have historically valued advertising and marketing communications.¬†Right-brain characteristics:¬†qualitative, idea-driven, free-form, creative, intuiting, feeling, non-linear. Marketing has always been expected to […]

Marketing-Driven Business: Heaven or Hell?

“Marketing-driven” sounds attractive. But then so does “market-driven”. And if you ask a project manager or accountant how they think the company should be driven, they’d say “project-driven” or “profit-driven”. Talk about blind-siding silos! So consider this: is “driven” about activity, or about direction? If you’re driven, you might speed […]